Stamped wheel well panel

Flexible Tooling at Its Best

Omni Structures is a pioneer and world leader in the development of flexible tooling systems. Omni is dedicated to helping engineers and technicians build superior flexible workholding fixtures, gauges and special machines.

The flexible concept refers to a method in which inspection tooling is constructed from standard off-the-shelf modules. These modules may be configured as desired in the building of inspection equipment. And, when this equipment is no longer needed, the flexible modules are used to build the next generation of equipment.

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Cast aluminum engine block

Featured Industry: Automotive

The Omni System has found wide use in the automotive industry for checking sheetmetal and fiberglass body parts.

Auto engine parts are easily fixtured for inspection. The tooling may be used with CMM's, surface plates or special fixture gauges.

Frames, suspension components, body sheetmetal, exhaust tubes, instrument panels, and interior components are quickly staged for inspection operations.

Cast aluminum steering tube

Featured Application: Molded Metal

Any molded or formed metal (diecast, forged, cast, MIM, etc.) part can be held on Omni tooling. Datum and non-datum fixtures can be constructed according to your needs.

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